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Argyll budget - cuts axed

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 Elaine Dougall, Unite union member at Kilmory on Thursday


Not all anticipated ‘service choices’ made the final cut, as it were, in Argyll and Bute Council’s 2016/2017 budget, agreed by 19 to 12 at a meeting at Kilmory yesterday (Thursday February 11).


Many of the proposed cuts, which we highlight in today’s Standard, were spared in an amendment placed before councillors by leader Dick Walsh.



Dunoon Primary School parents told us: “We are relieved that the cuts weren’t as severe as we had feared. We ae glad that the positions we focused on as primary school parents were rejected from the cut, however we are concerned for the impact of loss of jobs in other area such as attendance officers and librarians.”


Councillor Walsh said: “The decisions we have made today mean that, despite significant financial challenges, we can continue to deliver a huge range of services. We can provide much of what our communities have told us they want. We can invest in regeneration and the prosperity Argyll and Bute deserves.


“This budget is about making change work for Argyll and Bute.


“Our focus is on doing as much of what our communities want from us as we can.


“We have listened to what people told us matters to them.”


Depute leader Cllr Ellen Morton vowed that, although not in the capital budget, ‘the money would be found to proceed with phase 2 of Dunoon’s Victorian pier’.


Full report in next Friday’s Standard.


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