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It was announced this week that MV Coruisk would be deployed this winter on the Gourock-Dunoon route.

This will come as welcome news, and a great relief, to commuters.

The announcement was made by minister for transport and islands Derek Mackay who said that the redeployment would bring extra resilience to the service.

The announcement came following consultation with Argyll Ferries Limited, local ferry users and consideration of the evidence of the MV Coruisk’s deployment over the past two winters.

Mr Mackay said: “The deployment of the MV Coruisk has proved popular with regular passengers on the Gourock-Dunoon route for the past two winters, and will no doubt be welcomed once again this year.”

The news was indeed welcomed by Mr Ken Barr, spokesman of the Dunoon Gourock Ferry Action Group (DGFAG), who told the Standard: “It’s good news, obviously and makes travelling slightly more reliable.”

Mr Mackay went on: “Using the MV Coruisk brings additional resilience and passenger confidence to the service at a time of year when weather conditions can be more challenging for ferries.

“The redeployment of the MV Coruisk this winter is the best option for passengers who depend on the service.

“When she is available, she will carry passengers on key peak sailings on the route and be on standby during other periods.

“The Scottish Government remains committed to continuing to work with the Steering Group and the wider community to find suitable long-term solutions to improve the present service.”

Mr Barr commented: “It is to be hoped that the Coruisk will be deployed as before, that is, two ferries in the morning, two in the afternoon and available when there was bad weather during the day.”

Michael Russell, MSP, said: “I am very pleased that after representations from myself as the local MSP and from the Dunoon Ferry Action Group the Minister has decided to deploy the Coruisk again.

“This will be particularly welcome given the exceptionally poor weather of recent days and confirms the Scottish Governments ongoing support for local travellers who also have a regular and reliable commercial vehicle service operating as well."

Details and dates of the MV Coruisk’s deployment are being finalised and will be announced in due course.


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