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HOLLYWOOD COMES TO COWAL There was a touch of Tinseltown in Hunter’s Quay on Sunday as 120 Ladies Who Lunch, em, lunched. T h e Ho l l y w o o d Ladies’ Lunch event, was scheduled to run from noon to 5pm.

 However, some of the ladies were having such a great time that they didn’t leave until after 9pm. Ap a r t f ro m t h e delicious food on offer, the Hunter’s Quay Holiday Village event saw a pop-up boutique market – with most of Dunoon’s high-street retailers represented. A c a t w a l k s h ow by M&Co and White Rabbits proved very popular with the ladies, who were delighted to note that the back of their tickets contained discount tokens worth more than the ticket’s face value. A Michael Bublé tribute act added to the atmosphere on the event – which was so successful that it will take place twice next year. Hu n t e r ’s Q u a y Holiday Village general Manager David Dain said: “I am delighted with the event. It was very well supported from the high street – the retailers worked really well together. “Thanks to PA23 Bid for launching the event last year. We are delighted to take it forward and we will be running both a spring and autumn event next year. Mr Dain continued: “We’re now tidying up after the event and preparing for our busy Teenage style from M&Co Christmas season.”

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