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THERE was disappointment – from audience members, organisers and performers – in Dunoon last night after the 11th-hour cancellation of the traditional Sunset Ceremony.


Hundreds of people braved the heavy rain to secure a good seat for the planned extravaganza, but what they witnessed was more akin to a Greek tragedy as a chorus of black-clad sound and light technicians struggled to maintain power for their equipment.


The band was sound-checking at around 6.30pm ahead of the 7.30pm show when there was a loud pop – followed by silence. The rain continued to fall, at times bouncing off the soaking and slippery stage.


The power came on as the rain eased slightly – then another loud pop had sound engineers – and the audience - wincing.




Just after 7.30pm the painful – but correct – decision to cancel the show was made.


Members of Dunoon Presents had the unenviable task of walking around the by-now packed amphitheatre telling people individually the bad news.


Dunoon Presents manager Colin Moulson said: “Some of the equipment in use was exposed as this is an outdoor event. It became drenched in rainwater, causing trip-outs. The in-built safety features of the equipment and generator did what they were designed to do - to trip out.


“Efforts were made from around 5.15pm onwards to trace the sources of the numerous electrical safety trip-outs and a number of resets were attempted. It became clear by close to 7.30pm that the systems could not be safely re-set and therefore the decision was taken, for the safety of all involved, to cancel the show.




“The safety of performers and members of the public will always be the overriding priority.”

Undeterred by the cancellation, Dunoon Argyll Pipe Band performed to an appreciative crowd, winning many new fans for their persistence and determination.


A video of the band’s soaking performance can be seen on the Standard’s Facebook page.

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