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The peaceful parish church of Inverchaolain, long associated with Clan Lamont, was put up for sale on the open market this week by the Church of Scotland.

And Clan Lamont secretary Mrs Mary Lamb confirmed to the Standard that the clan society would be putting in an offer to buy it.

She said: “We are all very upset at the prospect of the church being sold and perhaps turned into a dwelling house or hall.

“We want to retain it as it is for the community, and have weddings and Christmas services there.

“It is a lovely place to come in to spend a quiet moment’s reflection.

“It is also full of Lamont history and is a very important part of the clan’s heritage.”

The Church of Scotland is selling Inverchaolain in order to raise money for a new roof for Toward church.

Mrs Lamb explained that pewter chalices and other items of communionware are kept in a locked repository at Inverchaolian and have not been touched in 30 years.

These will also be sold as part of the ‘moveable’ items within the building.

To this end they will be removed from the church and taken elsewhere for safekeeping.

However the clan society believes the items to be the property of the Lamonts, as they were given to the church by Sir James Lamont.

Mrs Lamb went on: “Sir James said that should the church cease to exist, or if the items were no longer needed by the church, that they would then be returned to the Lamonts.”

However, without documentary proof of ownership, it may be that the society will have to negotiate to buy the items as part of the sale.

Mrs Lamb said: “I feel quite passionate about this sale.

“2017 is The Year of History, Heritage and Architecture, and this church is part of our history and heritage.

“It is part of this community and we don’t want to see it go.”

The present church was built in 1912, to replace one which built in 1812 and later destroyed by fire.

However, the site itself is much older and there were even earlier churches on it.

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