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Dunoon's Ultra Marathon ultra good

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AS THE sore knees and leg muscles continue to recover from last Saturday’s 33-mile-plus Ultra Marathon, Dunoon has received a high accolade as an outdoor sporting centre.



As the runners who took part on Saturday will testify, the stunning views and untamed terrain is giving the area a growing fan base in the lucrative outdoor sports market – which is all good for the town and the wider area.


Now, the influential MBR Magazine, the top read for Europe’s mountain biking community, has declared Dunoon in the coveted Number One slot in an article entitled The Best New Places to Ride in 2017.


Colin Moulson, manager of Dunoon Presents, said: “The article is even suggesting that Dunoon may be about to ‘de throne’ Peebles as the generally accepted mecca for mountain biking in Scotland.


“This is a fabulous accolade for the town and one that further evidences the progress the Dunoon BID project is making to the town and wider area.”


Saturday’s Ultra Marathon drew gushing praise from many of the visitors and competitors it attracted.


Colin Moulson added: “The feedback we’re getting is just fantastic. Most of the comments we’re getting is from entrants from out of town and they are taking a very powerful message back to their communities about how good an experience they have had here.


“That can only be good for the already rapidly improving perception of the town to the wider world.”


Runner George Furmage summed it up with: “Wow just flipping wow. What a race, what views, what organisation, what marshals, what medals made outta wood, what a way to arrive on the ultra-scene! Well done everyone involved. This will be a race on many people's agenda for 2017. Bloody well done Dunoon!”


See today's Dunoon Observer for full coverage and more pictures.


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