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ARGYLL and Bute Council announced today (Monday) that three-weekly bin collections will begin in Cowal in November.

The council will roll-out the change in other areas from October, and from November 28 Cowal, along with Oban and Lorn, will see the refuse service change.


Recycle bins will still be emptied fortnightly, but general waste will be collected three-weekly.


Households that currently have a blue recycling bin can request a second bin, and homes with recycling bags can request additional bags.


The council says that householders will soon receive a calendar of collection dates so that they know exactly when their waste will be uplifted.


Councillor Ellen Morton, Policy Lead for Amenity Services, said:


“Recycling more will save space for general waste in green bins and it will save money for council services. For every tonne of waste that goes to landfill the council has to pay over £80 tax, which means about £2.6 million in total. The more we can recycle the more we can save.


“Funding for our council services has reduced significantly. We must change how we do things so we can continue to provide a wide range of services. Like all local authorities we must work with our residents to meet national targets for reducing waste. The new arrangements for collecting refuse help meet both these challenges.


“The more we reduce the amount of general waste we send to landfill, the more we can save, so we would say to everyone, please avoid wasting money on waste – recycle.”


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