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An Ardentinny woman is embarking on a difficult undertaking which may not sound too arduous for some. But for Pamela Waters it’s a particularly strenuous personal challenge.



Pamela was diagnosed with bi-lateral hip dysplasia in 2012, a debilitating condition which causes chronic pain.


But she is prepared to walk from Western Ferry Terminal along the promenade to the Argyll Ferry Terminal – in support of a good cause.


Pamela told the Standard: “I chose the route because the ferries are a lifeline to local people, and the charity I am supporting is a personal lifeline for me.”


Pamela is doing her sponsored walk called “Ferry to Ferry – Walk A Mile In My Shoes” in aid of Interloch Transport.


She said: “Interloch Transport is a lifeline for those who are elderly, disabled or suffer from mobility issues like me.


“They pick me up from my front door and have taken me to attend vital doctor and essential physiotherapy appointments.


“They have collected my prescriptions for me when I was in too much pain to travel.


“They have taken me to the local shops and to town to get food and other essentials, and to go to places like the post office or council offices.


“This is to name just a few of the ways they provide this lifeline for those who need this service to remain as independent as possible and part of their local community.”


Pamela explained that, living remotely in Ardentinny and unable to drive, she has found the Interloch Transport service to be invaluable and essential in aiding her recovery.


In order to reduce pain and have as much mobility as possible she had a procedure known as a Ganz osteotomy on each hip. The procedure on her left hip hasn’t been successful and she now suffers secondary effects with chronic pain in her knee and ankle as the hip is still slightly displaced. Thankfully her right hip has been saved.


Pamela went on: “Without Interloch I would not have been able to walk at this time with two crutches, let alone be able to walk with only one.


“It is from getting back on my feet with Interloch’s help that I wish to do this sponsored walk, to show my gratitude to them, and to raise as much money as possible to keep the service going.”


Pamela has made posters to put up in the local supermarkets and the library.


Pamela’s ‘Ferry to Ferry’ walk will take place on September 30, at a time to be confirmed, but probably in the morning.


She is prepared for it to be difficult, and she is also prepared to be laid up for a few days afterwards. But, as she says: “I’ve learned how to manage pain, and I’ve had many days when I’ve been laid up in bed, crippled with pain. I will just work through it.”


She has set up a just giving page for those who wish to support her in her effort to raise money for Interloch.


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