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The diggers moved in today (Friday) to start to demolish Kirn Primary School.

The facade of the Victorian section will be retained but will be completely revamped inside, while the 'new' section will be knocked down and a brand-new build will rise in its place.

Generations of local people who attended the school will have mixed feelings about the school coming down, but the plans for the new, 21st century version, show a fantastic place of learning. Kirn pupils will be taught at the grammar school while the building work goes on, and return to the new school to complete their primary education.

Argyll and Bute council estimates that the school will be based at the grammar for around a year.

Speaking to the Standard back in June, head teacher Kirsteen MacDonald said: “We are all ready excited and very much looking forward to it.  There will be new challenges and new opportunities ahead. We will be able to access specialist areas at the grammar school, including economics, science, IT and so on.

“Then when we come back it will be to a lovely modern environment.  There will be no more white boards or roller boards or chalk.  Each class room will be equipped with an interactive screen, which the teacher can control by touch, or by a remote control. It’s all very high tech.”






0 #1 Kevin Philpott 2016-09-19 01:03
While working on the USS Hunley as a US Navy employee in 1985, I brought my family over. I put my daughter in Kirn Primary, as the Navy detachment advised me to. They told me that the Scotland school system was ahead of the US school system. They were so right! My daughter loved going to the school, and made many friends. She will be sorry to hear itis being torn down.

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