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FAULTS have been found in two Argyll and Bute Schools in the wake of the Edinburgh schools fiasco – but Dunoon Grammar School (above) has yet to be inspected.



Seventeen school buildings in the capital were found to have serious construction defects and remain closed.


Argyll and Bute Council confirmed this week that two buildings, built under public/private finance arrangements by the same contractors involved in the dangerous Edinburgh schools, have been confirmed as safe but ‘in need of repair to some sections of the buildings’.


A council spokesman said: “Repairs in Rothesay Joint Campus are scheduled to be completed before the school returns from its Easter break on Monday April 18.


“ABC Schools, who provide these schools to the council and are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the properties, are also progressing works in Oban Joint Primary Campus.


“If this cannot be completed by Monday, we have contingency plans in place to ensure that the schools can re-open safely and for the education of our pupils to continue. Further works will be carried out over the summer. We will provide parents with a further update on Monday.”


The council has also instructed ABC Schools to arrange structural surveys on three other PPF-financed school buildings which were built by different contractors: Dunoon Grammar School, Helensburgh’s Hermitage Academy and Lochgilphead Joint Campus.


Argyll and Bute Council’s opposition SNP group applauded the Scottish Government over its call, ‘for all councils to assure themselves of the school estate they provide and undertake surveys and inspections where necessary’.


The group also praised council officials for their speedy response, which has determined the need for remediation work at Oban Joint Primary Campus and Rothesay Joint Campus.


A spokeswoman for the group said: “There are however, questions that need to be urgently addressed.


“If these schools were not ‘identified as being at risk because they were not built by Miller Construction and have now found to be in need of intervention, does this mean that there may be other schools in our Argyll and Bute school estate not built under Public Finance Initiative (PFI) or Non Profit Distributing Organisation (NPDO) which should also be looked at?


“Has there been a robust risk assessment carried out to determine whether investigation of all school estate is necessary?


“Does Argyll and Bute Council need to develop a risk assessment plan for all school estate, not just those schools built under NPDO?”


Bute councillor and SNP spokesperson for education, Isobel Strong said;


“There needs to be a thorough investigation into this issue. If work hasn’t been carried out properly the possibility of compensation also requires to be looked at. We absolutely cannot put profit before pupils in Argyll and Bute”.


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