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Inveraray Primary School were winners of a prize draw, as part of ‘What’s Under Your Feet’.



This is a a citizen science project, developed by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) in collaboration with EDF Energy.  Over 1,700 schools across the UK entered.  Dr Blaise Martay, Research Ecologist at the British Trust for Ornithology, is the lead scientist on the 'What’s Under Your Feet' campaign.


She spent the whole day at the school, helping students with their fieldwork and conducting the soil experiments.


After leading an assembly for all 65 children in the school, everyone went outside to see what actually was living under their feet.


The children broke through frozen earth and found more than 100 earthworms, with one of the worms measuring 12cm in length.


Dr Martay said: “Despite the cold the children really got stuck in and did an excellent job of finding animals in the soil, we could have some future scientists among them and it was an absolute pleasure to see how enthusiastic they were.


“By taking part in the national project Inveraray Primary School has added a vital piece to the jigsaw and is helping to build the picture of what exactly lives under our feet and how his might affect the birds that depend on them.”


Robyn Thorn, Primary Education Manager with EDF Energy’s The Pod programme, said: “We’re really excited about working with the BTO. We designed the activity to be really inclusive and hope that helping to get children of all abilities and backgrounds out of the classroom and involved in a real hands on scientific study, will inspire them to pursue careers in science and also help them think more about the environment.”


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