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KIRN Primary School near Dunoon has had a glowing report – and is to be a model for Scottish education.


Education Scotland, formerly HM Inspectors of Education, described Kirn’s head teacher as providing ‘inspirational leadership’. The government agency also described pupils’ behaviour as ‘impeccable’ and inspectors found that ‘There are major strengths in the way that staff across the school support children to develop and learn’ and that ‘Staff show very high-quality care and support to children in the school’.  The two principal teachers were also recognised for their strong and effective support to the head teacher.


Education Scotland will now use the Cowal school’s innovative work as an example to other schools.


The report states that in all of the inspection categories the school was rated either excellent or very good, with older children displaying ‘an exceptionally high level of independence  in leading their own learning’ and children in the nursery and across the school learning and achieving to a high standard.  The inspection team said that Education Scotland would like to work with Argyll and Bute Council and the school to use it in future as a model of best practice.

Head teacher James Wylie said: “I am exceptionally pleased that the school has been recognised, nationally, for the high quality of educational experience being provided to our pupils and for the motivated, engaged, reflective, confident and impeccably behaved children that we work with.


“Our high quality and dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, as well as our parents, partners and community members work tirelessly to ensure that very high standards in all areas of the curriculum are achieved.”


The inspection found that the school had the following key strengths:  Confident, respectful children who have a clear love of learning and great pride in their school;  innovative approaches to the organisation of the curriculum to ensure children develop important skills through exciting, deep and coherent learning experiences;  high-quality support for children who require extra help in their learning; effective partnerships with parents, volunteers, partners and the local community to enrich and extend children’s learning;  inspirational and strong leadership of the head teacher which drives forward improvements to ensure all children make very good progress in their learning.


Argyll and Bute Council is exploring the possibility of merging Kirn with Dunoon’s other two town-centre primary schools.

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