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A FORMER Inveraray resident was murdered last Saturday – only a few months after moving from Argyll to Omaha, Nebraska to marry an American man.

Tracy Wyatt married psychologist Dr Harold ‘Hal’ Brannan (60) on May 7. Dr Brannan’s son David (21) reportedly attacked Tracy (33) and his father several times with a knife before cutting his own throat.
Police arrived at the family home at 4.40am. Tracy died while receiving emergency treatment in Nebraska Medical Center. Dr Brannan was later discharged from hospital, while his son remains – under guard – in a ‘serious’ condition. He is expected to survive.

Officer Michael Pecha, of Omaha Police Department, said that inquiries continued but confirmed that the fatal attack on Tracy was being treated as homicide.
He later confirmed that David, whose father has now disowned him, will be charged with murder on his discharge.

Tracy was a former chef at Cairndow’s Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, where she still has many friends. Virginia Sumsion of Loch Fyne Oysters said: “Tracy worked for Loch Fyne Oysters Limited from 1995 until she left in March this year for a new married life in the States. She worked in the Oyster Bar latterly in the role of Assistant Head Chef.
“Tracy was a good friend and colleague and made a major contribution to the success of the Oyster Bar while she was here.
“All the staff who knew her are feeling a great sense of loss and shock at what has occurred. Recent news from Tracy had been that she was enjoying her new life and was very happy. Our sympathies go out to her friends and family.”

Originally from Hamilton – where her family still live –Tracy moved to Inveraray in 1995, where she was a popular and respected figure.

Tracy had recently started using social networking site Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends in Scotland. Her page has this week become an on-line memorial to her and, for those of us lucky enough to have known her, makes tragic reading.

Tracy’s friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic are grieving for a beautiful person cruelly cut down just as she had found true happiness in life.
Hal Brannan told the Standard on Wednesday: “I loved Tracy completely and would have gladly died in her place. She had the most beautiful soul of anyone I ever met and she was always concerned for others. She cared about everyone.”

Tracy’s Brother Simon, speaking on behalf of her family in Scotland, said in a statement: “The pain we are going through is indescribable.
“As a very close and loving family, we simply cannot accept what has happened to our bright, vivacious and beautiful Tracy. We are distraught by the fact we could not be at her bedside in hospital and are arranging to travel to the USA for her funeral.
“It is all still so raw.
“We are still in disbelief. My parents are in their late 70’s, so are very vulnerable and old. We all really need time and space to come to terms with our heartbreak in private.

“We would like to thank our solicitors Nicholas J Scullion & Co and the Loch Fyne restaurant where Tracy used to work for their kindness and continued support during this nightmare.”

The family solicitors say that Loch Fyne Oysters Ltd is helping Simon with the air fare to attend Tracy’s funeral and with funeral expenses.

An Inveraray friend of Tracy’s said: “Inveraray is very subdued at the moment. There is a massive feeling of disbelief.
“It’s made worse because we all saw her so happy so recently.”

Rest in Peace, Tracy.

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